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There are many things that inspire me – everyday life, colleagues, news about the industry, new technologies, professional and other media, the work of other agencies, the development of UX design patterns, music or nature. Each project we create is different. Each of them fulfills other strategic objectives and includes many sources of inspiration. Sometimes when creating a logo you can find the idea of a stretched piece chewing gum or a cloud floating in the sky useful. Simple pictorial associations, such as the Rorschach test. But the web design is a bit more complicated.

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Everyone within our agency at least once solved the common problem: how to get connected to the internet on various places out of our home or office and abroad. Everyone tried to get connected in restaurants, hotels, public places etc. WiFi is all around. But we couldn’t get it coz it was locked. So much wasted potential. We also struggled with idea to propose to our clients different WiFi in our meeting room. We are the digital agency and we aimed to support our brand and pull our clients into the mix. Then we looked for the solution for a long time and we finally decided to develop our own system. We employed our UX and digital campaigns experience.


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